Employee performance is hard to track if you don’t have any software that is allowing you to record individual projects and tasks. If you can’t track employee performance how do you know that you’re getting the best out of their capabilities?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) enhances your business processes and the way your employees work. It automates tasks that would be repetitive and timely if you didn’t have a CRM and it allows your employees to focus on the work that really matters.

What benefits does CRM offer to employee performance?

Strengthened communication – A CRM strengthens communication in a variety of ways, for example, it allows you to have instant information on contacts via records that are within the system. This means that you can see the last call and email that was sent to a specific contact without having to ask your employees who’s been talking to which customers. You can also track marketing activity if you have an integration with a marketing platform.

Improved accountability – Collaboration is important within a lot of companies, however, someone always has to be accountable for a certain project or task. With CRM you can assign users to certain projects so that it’s easy to see who is managing the work and track how it’s going.

Secure flexibility – With a CRM it’s easy for you to allow your employees to work from any location. At enable.services we’ve found that our CRM has helped us stay on top of things and be extra productive during Covid-19. Not only does it allow you to work from anywhere but if you’re using SugarCRM you can download their app and update things even without wi-fi!

Gamification – Gamification within CRM is the records of how many tasks employees have done within the system. Most people create reports by user to see the number of points people have accumulated by creating things within their CRM software. The great thing about gamification is that it creates healthy competition between your employees.

Overall CRM gives a complete overview of what your employees are doing on a daily basis and it also saves them lots of time on manual tasks. Improve your employee performance today!

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