FSN Capital saves time and increases work quality with monday.com

The management at FSN Capital wanted a better digital tool for project management. After searching the market, the choice fell on monday.com. The instant result was increased efficiency and quality in the projects. Time spent on meetings has been reduced, workflows streamlined, and teamwork improved significantly.
FSN Capital sparer tid og øger kvalitet i arbejdsprocesser med monday.com
FSN Capital Partners is a leading Northern European private equity fund that for almost 25 years has advised on responsible investment and sustainable development of private companies to promote a positive environmental and social impact in society. The Due Diligence process behind selecting the right companies for responsible ESG-focused investment is complex and requires great thoroughness in the processes. Therefore, high quality project management is business critical.

Top quality in our projects

“With monday.com, our project management workflows have become much more efficient with greater transparency and methodical consistency. We have increased the quality and have replaced manual and siloed work in Excel with clear, visual project plans, knowledge sharing and better teamwork. monday.com has proven surprisingly useful in our work with Due Diligence. Today, we have a higher quality assurance with control over the details. We reduce the risk of errors and stay ahead of our deliverables,” said Christopher Conradi, Chief Digital Officer at FSN Capital

FSN Capital started by getting the first 10 employees onboarded monday.com in a pilot project. Relatively quickly, however, the number of users expanded to first 25 and later to the 100 employees who are on monday.com today.

Jan Hanekamhaug, Digital Project Manager at FSN Capital says:

“We find monday.com significantly more user-friendly than, for example, Microsoft planner or Trello. With greater functionality and ease of use. We save a lot of time on coordination internally and have less coordination meetings. Also, we now have a better view of work in other teams and better knowledge sharing.”

“In collaboration with Enablen, we got off to a flying start. Their team helped set up customized templates in monday.com based on our briefing template in Excel. We experience the tool intuitively and very user-friendly. It causes less hassle in the projects, increases personal efficiency, and gives greater job satisfaction for all of us. Monday.com quickly became a success among our employees, who themselves have asked to come on when they saw it tested with the first 10 colleagues,” says Jan Hanekampaug, Digital Project Manager at FSN Capital.

Top performance on teamwork

“Our teamwork has also clearly improved across the organization. We now have fixed templates we use in the various teams – e.g., when buying new companies. These are templates we have set up with advice from Enablen to get the best structure. We also have to-do lists for project management. It saves a lot of time and makes it easier for the right departments to enter the process at the right time. Employees from the Capital Market and Legal departments are now included in the process much earlier than before. The tool also makes it possible to invite external partners into the projects, which provides a better flow in the projects and increases the quality,” continues Jan Hanekamhaug, Digital Project Manager at FSN Capital.

More super users on the way

After a year of using monday.com, FSN Capital is ready to expand its use:
“Now that everyone is using monday.com we see things in a bigger context. With tailored help from the Enablen team and Partner Manager Kristian af Sandeberg, who has extensive experience with monday.com, we will train more super users and remove bottlenecks in the daily workflow. We will define best practices for the use of monday.com and expand the use of dashboards as well as integrate with other platforms. Also, it’s going to be interesting to look at research management and get a better overview of our available work capacity,” concludes Christopher Conradi, Chief Digital Officer at FSN Capital

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