Automating your marketing will make it so much easier for your team to really focus on the work that matters, saving you time and money. With marketing automation, it is essential that you find a solution that will help you to achieve your business and marketing goals.

Good marketing automation takes into account that you need to interact in a personalised way with your leads across every touchpoint. It will allow you to effectively and inspiringly achieve goals through one seamless platform.

What sort of goals can you set yourself with marketing automation?

Increase email conversion rates – With marketing automation you will have the capability to A/B test and find out what emails are producing the best results. It’ll also allow you to track the performance of each link so that you can see which call to action (CTA) is the most effective.

Capture more lead details – Create simple and striking forms that you can insert on your website or landing pages. Marketing automation will allow you to ask as many questions as you like and capture data, however, remember not to overload the visitor with questions because it may put them off.

Qualify leads better – With marketing automation, you can set up lead scoring which will give contacts a set amount of points for certain actions that they do. You can integrate this with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and set up an automation where is the contact hits 1000 points, for example, they then go into your CRM as a qualified lead.

Better personalisation – Using insert tokens you can personalise every interaction that you have with your contacts, this will make them feel more special and usually increase your engagement levels. Also, personalisation is more direct and makes people feel like you’ve thought about them and their scenario.

Make smarter decisions – Reports in marketing automation are extremely valuable as they will not only be used to analyse the performance of your different marketing channels but they can also be used to understand more functional information like seeing which emails have been queued or which segments contacts are associated with. These insights will drive you to make smarter strategic decisions.

Create a more integrated business process – Being able to integrate with your marketing automation software with your other work tools makes things a lot easier and more transparent across your whole business. All of your information will be accurate and easy to access.

Nurture dead leads – With powerful campaign capabilities within marketing automation, nurturing old leads will be quick and easy. You’ll no longer have to worry about ‘dead data’ because marketing automation will bring it back to life, meaning that you can warm cold leads up so that they’re ready to convert.

Increase leads for your sales team – A very generic goal is to increase leads but this can be made easy if you have the right marketing automation platform for your business. With marketing automation, you can create engaging emails, landing pages and reports that will improve your marketing efforts.

Be more productive – Because everything is automated with marketing automation, you save loads of time no longer doing tedious manual tasks. Still, you seek the rewards from your hard work and efforts that you have created within your marketing platform.

Each of these goals can be achieved with marketing automation, especially when you combine it with the power of your CRM. All of the features above will allow your teams to work collaboratively and achieve amazing results together that you will feel proud of.

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