What is CRM?

What is CRM?

Even if you’ve never used a CRM before, you’re probably aware of the term. Knowing that a lot of companies – including your competition – are using CRM software to save time and drive sales.


But what is CRM really? And what can it do for you?

CRM is an abbreviation of Customer Relationship Management and a specific type of business software, that helps you get the most out of your customer communications and sales efforts.

It works somewhat as a giant, advanced phone book. But besides capturing, managing and leveraging your customer information it also enables you to develop a better understanding of your customers. Enabling you to provide your customers with the best customer experience throughout the entire customer journey, and in the end, build stronger relationships with each one of them.


Why go with a CRM?

Your business is growing, and your business processes no longer work for you. Important data are scattered across different systems and people, making it harder to collaborate across teams and close deals. But with a CRM all that can change.


With a CRM you can:

  • consolidate all your data online and ready on demand
  • free up time and sell more
  • improve business method
  • speed up the onboarding of new employees
  • increase customer satisfaction
  • personalise the customer journey and provide a better customer experience


In short, using a CRM will enable your sales, marketing and customer support to better results.

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