Do your marketing teams struggle to organise and track their tasks? You’re not alone, there’s a lot of businesses out there that create fantastic marketing content but they have nowhere to collaborate or hold their data!

That’s where comes in. is designed to meet the needs of Social Media, PPC, Content, SEO, Operations, Create and Designs teams. The tool is built to fit any marketing team, whether you work in an agency or you’re an in-house department. can help you stay on top of everything by listing your tasks and assigning them between your team members. You can group tasks or view them on a timeline with the option to edit, update and keep everyone in sync. When you have assigned your task to someone (or yourself) you can then set a deadline for the task. You can also track the time that has been spent on the task so that you know how productive you and your team members are being.

What’s also great about is that you no longer need to keep your files in folders on your desktop because offers a digital platform where you can store your documents and images so that they can be shared and worked on collaboratively. File management is really important within a marketing department because you’re constantly creating new and exciting content, therefore, you need to have everything organised and easily accessible.

What could your marketing team use for?

  • Client projects – At a quick glance you can see what you’re colleagues are working on and what stage they’re at with a project. You can invite clients as guests to see your progress and share feedback instantly. This way you shorten the feedback loop and deliver projects even faster.
  • Social media – Organising your social media on is a must! With their awesome integrations with platforms such as LinkedIn, it’s never been easier to post directly from such an intuitive marketing management system.
  • Campaign tracking – Did you know that just over 75% of marketers are reporting on how their campaigns are directly influencing revenue? With a campaign tracking board within you can store all of your data for each campaign that you’re working on and report on what’s been successful by having a section for budgeting and ROI.
  • Manage events – Whether you need to plan and manage large scale events or small gatherings, is customisable to fit the needs of your business. Schedule guest speakers, venues, catering, and more.
  • Keyword research – Doing keyword research is timely, however, it’s a vital part of marketing. offers a place for you to store all of your keyword information, for example, the ranking, the competition, the URL, etc.

These are just a variety of examples of how you could use to enhance your marketing department! Not only marketing, but you could bring your sales team on board too and any other departments increasing cross-collaboration and productivity.

If you’d like to learn more about and how it can manage your marketing projects then get in contact with us. We are offering a free one-hour consultation bespokely centred around your business needs.

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