Most people set themselves tasks for the week because they feel as though they will be more productive that way, which is true! Goals generally help you achieve more in any scenario, whether that’s at work or in your personal life. For example, if you want to go on holiday, your goal may be to save £100 a month over six months. Achieving targets makes you feel positive and accomplished; it gives a sense of purpose in your work.

76% of organisations create goals daily, but how SMART are those goals?

Setting goals can be fun and SMART at the same time, but what do we mean by SMART?

SMART goals mean they need to be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. Sounds heavy, right? But it’s not – it makes the whole process of setting goals a lot more fun and enlightening.

The meaning of SMART

Specific – Ensure that your goals accurate and precise. 90% of studies concluded that specific and challenging goals lead to higher performance than when people were set either easy goals, “do your best” goals or no goals at all.

Measurable – After you have a specific goal pinned down, it’s essential to be able to measure the success of your efforts. It doesn’t necessarily need to be in numbers; it just needs to be trackable in some sense so that you can see how well you are doing.

Achievable – The simplest of steps, but have you asked yourself, is your goal attainable? Will you be able to accomplish the task with the resources that you have?

Relevant – Your goals need to align with your values and what you want to achieve. If your goal doesn’t contribute to your broader plans, then it may be worth rethinking whether it’s relevant enough or not.

Timely – A due date can help you to motivate yourself and prioritise what’s important. It’s also good to be able to track how long something takes you so that you know for future tasks.

SMART goals go further than just doing what’s needed. Instead, you get to see the whole process, and at each stage, you gather valuable insights. You also get to be inspired through research, planning and measuring your efforts to see when you’ve achieved success.

How do you track SMART goals?

At we track SMART goals via a work operating system that we love using! It allows us to collaborate with our team members on specific tasks and see each stage of the preparation process.

At 10/10 people who were asked ‘do you set yourself goals?’ said yes.

These individuals spoke about how it helps them to produce work to deadlines and stay on top of their workload. We believe that happiness and success are of equal balance when it comes to working, so having SMART goals is a vital process for us because it keeps people on track and enthusiastic about their work. We want to help more businesses like ours implement the same method so that they can achieve more and have fun along the way!

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