Recently, we have been getting a lot of companies coming to us who are already using SugarCRM with another partner, however, they don’t feel like they’re getting enough support. We have successfully been able to bring new customers and customers of SugarCRM (from other partners) on board because of our extensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) package that is filled with support and optimisation.

enable CRM Analysis

At enable we are experts at breaking down complicated processes into its components to fully understand, simplify and visualise your entire workflow. We do a thorough pre-study, analysis and mapping process which will lay out the foundation and implementation. In addition, we at enable always strive to apply the general principles of change management to all operational changes. CRM is an essential part of any business, and it’s important for us to analyse the way that your business works so that you can get the best out of the software.

How our methods differentiate us

enable’s experienced and skilled project managers have developed a method of taking a complicated process and breaking it down into its components in order to fully understand and visualise it and thus understand the critical points of the process. We support all levels in the organisation, from the individual employee’s everyday life to the management team’s decision-making. We do this by having a holistic perspective on workflows and processes to understand both the details and the larger context.

Free consultation bespoke to your needs

A CRM project will always start with a managerial dialogue where we try to narrow down the problem definition and desired effect for a successful project. The dialogue is a free consultation since it is a pre-requirement for us to understand and design the project and give a recommendation on the approach and what tools to use.

Within the optimal service package, we will recommend resources that are needed to achieve desired effects as well as a shortlist of software to support the new workflow.

Smooth and fast implementation

Successful implementation needs to be planned, communicated, and managed in order to facilitate acceptance and in the end drive adoption. At enable, we have experienced project coordinators, customer relationship management experts and technical consultants who will ensure that your implementation is smooth and easy to understand.

Ongoing support from the second you ‘go live’

With our highly skilled team of support engineers based in our Ipswich UK office, you can be sure that, whether it is the first thing on a Monday morning or last thing on a Friday afternoon, support will never be more than a phone call, or email, away. We understand that customer service and support are paramount in our industry and vital to help our clients’ businesses grow and we, therefore, provide all our customers with 24/7/365 UK based ticket support.

If you’re already using SugarCRM or are looking for a CRM that will grow with the needs of your business then enable are here for you. We can provide you with vital information and support throughout the whole journey of finding your perfect business solution.

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