SugarCRM helps Logis by removing the silos and streamlining the lead and sales processes

Logis offers computer aided dispatch (CAD) solutions to the EMS market (Emergency Medical Services), including Non-Emergency Transfers and Homecare Services.

Logis challenges was that they had several different systems within their organisation, they found it difficult to share information across the departments and did not have a clear view on their leads and sales processes.

 Finding the right CRM and implementation partner

“The choice was between Salesforce, Zoho and Sugar. The choice fell on Sugar because of its flexibility and open API that gives us the possibility to integrate with other internal systems easily. Price was also a factor, but the ability for us to build business rules and integrate ourselves is very important.”

Our implementation partner Enable showed a clear understanding of our business and challenges, already in our first meeting, and we have used their expertise to find the perfect setup for us and also to make sure we do not try to customise too much but instead rely on industry standards.

The functionality of Sugar covers all of Logis current and future needs, with a very intuitive user interface and excellent flexible administration, making it easy to implement within the organisation. This was a deciding factor in their decision selecting CRM vendor!


Having an implementation partner that you trust is key to the success and adoption of the new system. “Enable has been very committed to finding the right solution for us. Things are thought through – without getting over-complicated and they are not afraid to challenge us in the way we work or think.”

Implementation process

“The implementation process has been executed super well. We have run a couple of workshops to secure our scope of implementation, where the advice from Enable have been invaluable, from designing use cases, configuration of the system, business processes and determine the reports we need to support our daily business”.

The project was delivered by Enable on time and budget. Users only needed 1-2 hour of training each which was enough for them to understand the system, making the transition from existing solutions relatively easy.


Enable is only a phone call or email away. They are always eager to help on any user or technical questions and have helped to develop Logis’s CRM skills.


Logis mentioned that they are very happy with Sugar, it supports their business and can easily be configured to meet and support new business requirements. Logis have installed Enable Enhancement package and IT Sapiens reports.

Logis is using the advanced workflows along with the standard workflow engines to automate several of their process and secure that vital customer facing task always runs smoothly. Logis has integrated Sugar with an internally developed time registration system as well as Zendesk for support and a custom portal for developers

About Logis

Total Users: 20
Edition: Enterprise, IT Sapiens, Enable Enhancement package
HQ: Skodsborgvej 234, 2850 Nærum – Denmark